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Hello, tabletop gamers and miniature hobbyists! We are Proxy + Minis and we are here to change the game. Proxy + Minis will bring together the amazing sculptors from the 3D printing world and our friendly local hobby shops so that we always have a place to play.

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To begin, we are going to have a Kickstarter campaign that will provide the opportunity for monthly subscription boxes. That you will have the option to pick them up at your friendly local hobby shop that is participating in the P+ pick point network. Sculptors will receive royalties for each miniature within the boxes. The Hobby Shops will receive a distribution payment for every box given to you in the store. For yourself picking up in-store will give you savings on shipping, the opportunity to participate in in-store events, and provide support to the amazing P+ team member sculptors and your favorite hobby shop.

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Images that belong to P+ TM will be contributing a miniature to the Kickstarter.
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Little history on myself. My name is Dustin, and in my younger years I took great pride in being a geek and a nerd. My hobbies included Dungeons and Dragons and putting together plastic models. At the time, with my many enjoyable visits to my friendly local hobby shop, I saw the amazing Warhammer miniatures. At the time I didn’t understand them, and according to my parents it was too expensive for some “hunks of plastic!” I got so much joy from Dungeons and Dragons, with just a piece of paper and pencil, it played in the theatre of the mind. I never did feel like I was missing out.

Years later, I saw a serious problem in the industry. Brick and mortar shops were going out of business due to the convenience and ease of shopping online. I knew that my 3D printed models were taking revenue from the stores that I loved. I knew that we needed these shops, not only to get the hobby supplies we needed, but to have a place to play. Out of this realization, Proxy + Minis was born.

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Frequently asked


What IS Proxy + end Goal?

P+ is going to bring together Friendly Local Game Shop and their hobbyist customers to the amazing 3D miniature sculptors. So that we always have a place to play.

Why is P+ good for sculptors?

To give Sculptors an additional income from the sculps they already have created and expose the amazing work to hobbyists that aren’t involved in the 3D printing world.

Why is P+ good for retailers?

To give the FLGS a new catalog of amazing miniatures without the necessity of keeping stock or sourcing new products and the opportunity for increased footfalls by being a part of P+ Pickup Point.

Why is it good for Hobbyists?

To provide an opportunity to support your FLGS and sculptors. Gives you access to a catalog of miniatures. 

How will P+ achieve this?

To achieve P+ will raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign.

How will the Kickstarter funds be used?

Most of the funds will go to the manufacturing, packaging, and logistics of the rewards themselves estimated at 50-60% of the rewards cost itself. The remainder will be used to build the infrastructure of the e-commerce site, staffing, and operations.

What will the Kickstarter rewards be?

We will be offering P+ Sculptor Spotlight Boxes as rewards One Sci-Fi-themed box with 5 28mm scale miniatures, One fantasy-themed box with 5 28mm scale miniatures, and One bust/artist-themed box with 3 larger scale miniatures.

What is unique about the spotlight boxes?

The reward boxes will showcase many sculptors we hope to have 13 separate sculptors by lunch so each of the 13 available slots will be filled by its own sculptor. We currently have 9 P+ Team Members as sculptors. P+ reached out to sculptors only on July 11 and is still in discussions with many more to fill out the team.

What will the Kickstarter Goal be?

Initially, we had a larger ideal number in mind to get us all the way to a worldwide print-on-demand network that is delivered to your favorite local hobby shop. We are taking our long-term goal and breaking it down to its milestones and setting the goal to be $7000 as the first step to sending out our first Boxes to you. Other milestones will be stretch goals and might be reached as part of this Kickstarter or be fulfilled as we continue to strive toward our end goal after the campaign.

What is Proxy Plus looking for from you for the Kickstarter?

P+ will be looking for you to provide an STL file of one miniature to fill one of the 13 spots available for the Sculptor spotlight boxes in this way we can showcase the most artist. As well P+ will need permission to use images of your models and logo as part of promotional items for the Kickstarter campaign.

Does it have to be a new sculpt?

No, it can be from your existing catalog.

How will the Sculpt be selected?

You will choose the sculpt that you believe showcases your style and work the best.

What are the Size Restrictions For my Model Selection?

It is easier to let you know the amount of space you will have available within the box for your model. For the Fantasy and Sci-Fi box, each sculptor will have the space of 2″(50mm)X2″(50mm)X2″(50mm). In The Bust/Artist box each sculptor will have a space of 4″(100mm)X2″(50mm)X4″(100mm)

Can the model be in parts?

I would recommend that the model be in one piece but will be handled on a model-by-model base.

Do I need to provide a base?

No, I can provide a plan base for the model but by all means, if you have a custom one for your miniature that suits it better that would be great.

What will you get for participating in Kickstarter?

Great exposure to the various hobbyist who is not currently involved in the 3D printing world. Your brand will be an integral part of all our marketing and promotional efforts. You will be a VIP Sculptor for the launch of the P+ platform as well you will receive a royalty for each of your models sold within the spotlight box.

What will the Royalty be and when will I get it?

For every model of your design within a shipped sculptor spotlight box, you will receive 25 cents USD. Royalties will be paid out within 30 days of shipment.

If I commit to the Kickstarter does that mean I am committing to the P+ platform?

No, committing to the Kickstarter is only for the Kickstarter. The P+ platform will be a separate agreement. If you choose to join the P+ Platform after the Kickstarter you will be a VIP Sculptor on the P+ Platform.

How will I receive monies from the P+ Platform once it’s launched?

You will receive royalties will be on a percentage basis to be determined at the time of sign-up.

What can retailers do to support P+ during the Kickstarter?

Within the Kickstarter, there will be retailer rewards which will be for multiple boxes at a discounted price that will allow you to sell them within your store. The other way is to sign up and become a P+ pickup point.

How will P+ Platform benefit me?

Proxy+ will connect and grow our miniature community in ways that never have been done before by giving Hobby shops extra footfalls in their store and access to a library of 3D miniatures at NO cost of stock, taking up limited space within their store, or investing in sourcing the new products.

What is a P+ pickup point?

P+ Pickup point is a way to distribute Proxy + rewards from your store. We would send you multiple reward boxes for hobbyists to pick up from your store. Each box for the hobbyist will be labeled with their name and other pertinent information and all that would be required from you would be to confirm the identity of the customer with a valid government-approved ID and confirm the pickup with us.

What Is the plan for the P+ Platform to accept orders once it’s launched?

Once the P+ platform is up and running there will be 3 ways how it will function for the placement of orders.

  1. Your customer will purchase in-store from you directly
  2. Customers will order online and choose to have it picked up at your store
  3. Customers will choose to ship direct and will have the option to pick a specific store to support or a general hobby shop support account.

Once the P+ platform is up and running there will be 3 ways how it will function for the placement of orders.

  1. Your customer will purchase in-store from you directly
  2. Customers will order online and choose to have it picked up at your store
  3. Customers will choose to ship direct and will have the option to pick a specific store to support or a general hobby shop support account.

P+ will sell yo the miniatures at a pre-determined wholesale price and advice you on the MSRP which will give you room to offer promotions within your store and your P+ Storefront. P+ will only sell directly to customers through a P+ online storefront at full MSRP with a portion still going to FLGS.

What is the plan for minis to be shipped once the platform is launched?

Shipping would be monthly to your store, shipped at the same time every month, giving you the ability to know when your P+ order will be coming in.

How will it benefit the Hobbyist?

You will get access to new miniatures. Also, it gives you a tangible way to support your favorite store with your joy of 3D printed miniatures.

How can you support the P+ Kickstarter?

Once Kickstarter launches you can order a reward/s. let your friends know about P+ and what its end goals are. Tell your FLHS that you would like to order P+ products from their store. Join the P+ community and share posts from all our social media platforms.

How will the P+ Platform accept orders once it’s launched?

Once the P+ platform is up and running there will be 3 ways how it will function for the placement of orders.

  1. You can purchase in-store from your FLHS directly
  2. You can order online and choose to have it picked up at your FLHS
  3. You can choose to ship direct, however, even with this option, your FLHS will be supported.